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Disrupt, lead, and reinvent healthcare.


We’re not merely a symptom checker.

We’re empowering people with real data to make better health decisions.

Unicorn status and growing

We’re proud that our mission-driven team of investors also believe in what we’re doing.

We’re not offering digitized house visits.

We’re using AI to normalize accessible, personalized Primary Care.

We’re not saying that we can fix the healthcare system alone.

We partner with leaders and experts to amplify change.

We’re not just practicing above standard of care.

We’re building ways for doctors to practice smarted at the point of care.

We're not merely processing clinical information.

We’re using the power of clinical data to transform healthcare.

That’s the power of K Health.
Join us.

Calling all doctors and advanced practice practitioners!

  • Your Schedule, Your Rules

    Health professionals are humans, and burnout is real. Set your schedule each month. We offer full-time and part-time hourly roles, with the option to be salaried.

  • Deliver High-Quality Care

    Your time and energy should be spent caring for your patients, not on billing and paperwork.

  • Work Anywhere in The Country

    Work from home, Hawaii or Maine; no need to worry about where you are in the United States when working at K!

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What Our People Say

“We are changing the world with the work we are doing – that feels good”

I am most inspired at K when the consistent question that echoes across the company is, “how do we add more value to our patients and decrease their lifetime cost of care?” Working for a company that genuinely believes in helping patients by offering high-quality, affordable care where and when the patient needs it inspires me daily.

Terrissa Shang Senior Project Manager

Within my first couple months, I had the opportunity to contribute towards uplifting initiatives for women in technology and I’ve seen some amazing results within a short time frame with my co-lead. Accessibility is important to me and seeing opportunities to amplify voices that are traditionally marginalized brings me great joy in the workplace and I believe that impact is felt.

Phoenix Jay Analytics Engineer

I want to work somewhere where I can help people, and the fact that K Health gives people access to healthcare around the clock right from their homes is unbelievable. Having the opportunity to work beside extremely talented team members who are also aligned with K's mission makes it easy for me to do my part. I envision AI being a big part of the future and the fact that K is using AI technology, especially in the health field, makes me excited to be part of this dream team.

David Yang Wordpress Developer

I've stayed with K because of the commitment to empowering real people across the country with invaluable knowledge and giving them access to stellar healthcare. At K, you're either directly serving or one degree of separation away from our patients and users.

Gardner Fletke

As medical providers, we are already the unofficial on-call clinicians for our friends & family to ask questions or share photos of their toddler’s weird rash. Working at K Health allows me to give the same advice, plus any needed prescriptions and labs, to patients across the US. Even though I work remotely, I never work alone. We have an active community of clinicians, operational support staff, and there is an administrator on call 24/7 for emergencies. I’m proud to call myself a K Health physician.

Chesney Fowler Medical Director

As part of the data science organization, I am constantly inspired by the innovative and forward-thinking culture at K. It challenges me to think beyond the traditional boundaries of my profession and to consider new and creative ways to improve quality of care, patient outcomes and the healthcare industry as a whole. My role at K has made me a better doctor at my clinic, and vice versa— and have also given me a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in healthcare.

Zehavi Kugler VP, Medical Sciences